Christmas (New Years Eve) Party Hop

Christmas (New Years Eve) Party Hop

I haven’t figured out my exact make-up look for Christmas just yet. Usually in the morning, I just pick up the first couple things that I see and whack that shit on my face. However, I think I’m going to actually try to pick out a lip color (obviously red), but the eyes, I still have no idea. My favorite blogger/vlogger that constantly inspires me is Emma Pickles, so it is her YouTube channel that I turn to for some looks. Below is one of my favorite Christmas inspired looks from Emma that I hope to recreate in some fashion for the day of family fighting, eating, and (sadly) no drinking.

As for New Years, my friend Caitlin and I have a tradition which includes Chinese and watching lots and lots of TV to ring in the New Year. It’s a holiday that I’ve never particularly understood the hype around. However, us girls like to dress up when we grab Chinese and I always like to do my make-up in a fun way, so below is another Emma Pickles video I hope to recreate.

As for outfits, I have a bit of an obsession with dresses. For family events, I like to make sure that I can still move around and it won’t get me made fun of tooooo much when I’m around the family. This year, I’m thinking of doing a mid length (for Grandma’s sake) white dress I bought from Target with fleece lined tights, black Steve Madden chunky heels, and my leather Topshop jacket. I want to keep it casual and have the bold lip be the focal point of the day.



On New Years I’m thinking of going pretty, pretty casual. I love this Urban Outfitters “school girl” style dress that I have. The back of it has a nice open slit. The fleece lined tights are going to make a reappearance paired with my ASOS platform shoes and my Topshop maroon coat.



My nails are very minimal with the beautiful Essie “Forever Yummy” and some OPI Katy Perry edition sparkly nail polish on my ring fingers.


What are your plans for the holidays? And what type of outfit/make up looks are you going for? Leave them in the comments!

Two days to go! AHH!


Topshop Unique: LFW

Topshop Unique: LFW

Last Fall, I happened to be in London during the London Fashion Week. At the school I attended, Topshop built their show space in the gardens of the school. It was amazing and I got to see a backstage look at the models, clothes, and attendees of the event all from my dorm window. I saw so many people including Anna Wintour, Tanya Burr, Daisy Lowe, Jordan Dunn, and Kate Moss.

Every year, Topshop always does it right for me. Whether it’s their make-up, socks, shoes, or clothes, they always bring something fresh and interesting to the fashion world. During London Fashion Week, Topshop Unique didn’t fail to impress this Midwestern girl.

The collection was “College-School-Sport-Girl-chic.” Is that a thing? I’m making it a thing. The A-line skirts were divine with colorful, frilly trim. There were beautiful nautical designs at the start of the show. The gorgeous striped tops! The leather accents! The patterns! The bags! I was drooling, okay? Drooling.


At the close of the show were the “night out” pieces, which are always my favorite. I was obsessed with the sheer nude dress that Cara was wearing to close the show. It flowed behind her so beautifully, and from my laptop screen I could see how it sparkled. I can’t imagine what it looked like in person.


My all time favorite piece from the collection, however, was look #34. The black lace with the peek-a-boo undies was divine. If I could have one dress that I had to wear forever, it would be that one.


The audience brought it too. My favorite looks from the day are from two of my all time favorite models: Daisy Lowe and Alexa Chung. Alexa adopted the Topshop theme of school girl, while Daisy’s look was more classic. What were some of your favorite looks?