This is London

London is

Simple moments

Friends kissing each other’s cheeks

Translate bar in Shoreditch

Kissing strangers in toilets

Not knowing what to say

Walks through Primrose Hill

Being charged £40 for getting on the wrong train

Watching strangers puke in front of you

Canceling Uber last minute

Saturday’s walking around Southbank

99p ice cream

Tesco Express and Waitrose

Barry M nail polish in every single shade

Hang ups and missed connections


Trying to remember who you are

Never saving money

Going through Borough Market for samples at lunch

Camden Lock and all the punks

Wishing you’d bump into Colin Firth

Films being made on street corners

Early morning birds







London is all these things

And way more to me.

London is moments

That I can’t quite grasp anymore.


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A Year Of Adventure

Fun For Louis has the life I would love to lead one day. Travels around. Records what he does. Meets new people. Eats new things. And even when he’s having a bad day, he always seems to find the best in any situation. His motto, “Enjoy life. Live the adventure” is one I’m trying to aspire to each day. He films every day of his life and below is a compilation video of his favorite bits from his past year (and one of my favorite videos!).

4 Books That Will Give You Serious Wanderlust

My teachers always told me I should read more books since I wanted to travel the world so badly. At first I didn’t understand what they meant, “how can reading make me travel?” But now I understand. Good books will take you completely out of the world you’re currently living, into a whole new place. Here are four books that will help you travel around the world.


Us by David Nicholls
In the middle of the night, Douglas Petersen’s wife, Connie, informs him that she doesn’t want to be married to him anymore–actually, she isn’t sure if she does or not. When their ill-timed family vacation appears, Douglas believes this is his opportunity to mend his relationship with both his wife and his son, Albie. Nicholls characters are rich with emotional baggage as they travel through the many sights and sounds of Europe. Heart-breaking, relatable and a relationship where no one is to blame. You’ll see yourself in every character–drinking in Paris, watching tourists in Italy–and be rooting for the family until the very end.

Image by Freut Cake

The Vacationers by Emma Straub
Warm, funny, and set in the beautiful Balearic island of Mallorca, the Post family’s vacation is one that is full of secrets, jealousy, and family members that push you past your limit. Frank and Jim Post are celebrating their anniversary and trying to make amends for a rocky patch in their marriage; their son Bobby and his much older girlfriend need money–fast; and their daughter Sylvia is desperate to lose her virginity to her Spanish tutor. While the setting will draw you in, the characters will have you devouring the book in hours.


Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter
This little Italian coastal town named Porto Bergogna will entice you with its beauty and charm–something Walter is so good at capturing. Throughout the story, you are transported back and forth in time where the author captures the small stories of guests in a small hotel in the village. You find out what happens to each of the guests and how their lives and the lives of so many others were changed directly by each character. The novel is truly fascinating and you won’t want to put it down.


An Idiot Abroad by Karl Pilkington
Oh, Karl Pilkington. Because the man is best friends with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, he is bound to be pushed out of his comfort zone and let’s just say he gets pushed faaaar out of his comfort zone. The stories in the autobiography coincide with the TV show, where Gervais and Merchant paid for Pilkington to travel to the seven wonders of the world much to Pilkington’s dismay. The adventures and situations he gets up to will have you crying with laughter as well as his very Northern England-look at other cultures.

Un-lame Tours to Take in Ireland

Now, I know what you’re thinking–why would I take a tour? I’d rather just tour by myself. I get it. I’m the same way. Tours are usually ridiculously expensive, leave too early, are too long and you’re on a bus for six hours out of eight. However, there are a few tours you can take that aren’t so lame and tiring. I found while in Ireland, it’s nice to have someone else drive and figure out all the plans for the day rather than you. And guess what, there are a number of tours that are actually, quite fun.


MacCoole Tours

If you’re staying in Dublin and want to see the Cliffs of Moher (and some extra spots in Ireland!), MacCoole Tours is a blast. You leave Dublin around 7:30am (I know what I said before about early starts!), but you can sleep on the two hour drive to Galway. When you get to the bus station in Galway, I recommend heading to the coffee shop, Badger and Dodo, across the road for a nice coffee before the bus departs for the day. On the tour, you’ll get to explore a 300 year old family farm, a fully guided mountain walk in a UNESCO geopark, a two-hour visit to the Cliffs of Moher, and free time around Galway city.

My Ireland Tour

Voted one of the best tours to take in Ireland, My Ireland Tour has a number of tours that you can take. The tour I recommend? Iconic Scenes of Ireland Tour. It’s a 10 day tour of the best hot spots in Ireland with only 26 people allowed per tour. Travel to Dublin, Galway, Killarney, The Ring of Kerry and Cork. Meals, hotels, and transport is all included in the price which is quite a steal, if you ask me.

Paddywagon Tours

The people who run Paddywagon are a dream. They have one day tours, weekly tours, and even a Christmas tour–because who wouldn’t want that? The daily tours are extremely reasonable and the tour guides are always a blast.  I’ll be hopping on their bus in a few short months to adventure around Wicklow and Kilkenny (P.S. I Love You anyone?) and I cannot wait.

What are some of your favorite tours to take while abroad?

A Weekend in Louisville, KY

As much as I love good ol’ STL, it’s nice to pack up a few things and get away for the weekend. Whether you’re wanting to drive to another city for a different kind of nightlife or escape to the countryside for stargazing and quiet, there are many places to travel for a great weekend outside the ‘Lou. This month I bring you Louisville, Kentucky.

Where To Stay


21c Museum Hotel
This gorgeous and modern hotel is high on the list of places to stay in Louisville, KY. The award-winning hotel is smack dab in the center of everything you’d want to see and do in the city. Walking distance from the Muhammad Ali Center and Louisville Slugger Museum–yes, these are places you’ll want to see–and a delicious breakfast spread that will make you question eating outside the hotel. And if you feel like missing local art museums, explore the hotel because it’s an art museum! The pieces displayed in both rooms and around the hotel lobby are drool-worthy.

The Brown Hotel
Not the best name, but you’ll feel like royalty as soon as you step into this hotel. The lobby alone is enough to have you awestruck with their dramatic archways and chandeliers. The Brown Hotel is right in the heart of downtown and less than a mile away from the KFC Yum Center–you read that right, the Yum Center.

Where To Eat

Wild Eggs
There is a reason this restaurant has been named “Best Breakfast” spot by Louisville Magazine, they have the best breakfast and be prepared to wait for it as there is always a line out the door. Need some recommendations? Try the Breakfast Nachos, the Kelsey “KY” Brown or the Sweet Home Apple Bourbon pancakes. Actually, try them all. You can’t possibly go wrong.


Havana Rumba
If you love Cuban food, Havana Rumba is calling your name. Even if you don’t like Cuban food, this place is still calling your name. Try one of the three locations in downtown Louisville and get your stomach prepared for all the delicious food. Whether you want to stop in for lunch or dinner, there will be a slight wait as Havana Rumba is always busy. Vegetarian? They have many options for you, including my personal favorite Coca Vegetariana–Spanish style flat bread with caramelized onions, peppers, tomatoes, Monterrey Jack and goat cheese. Can you say, “yum?” YUM.

Toast On Market
The atmosphere plus the food make Toast on Market the perfect place for you to stop by for breakfast or lunch. Open only until 2pm, the sandwiches are spectacular as is their grilled cheese–I’m still dreaming of the Garlic Cheddar Grilled Cheese. Stop in for a quick bite to eat before roaming around the rest of Louisville.

What To Do


Copper & Kings American Brandy Distillery
Sample smooth and warm Brandy that will turn a Brandy enthusiast into an obsessive and a Brandy hater into a lover. Discover the architecture and the philosophy of why the distillery and the grounds were built the way they were. Travel through their stills, rickets, event spaces, and my favorite part, the rooftop.

Old Louisville
Take a walk along Old Louisville where a unique collection of houses and streets built in the 1800’s that will make you stop and wonder, “who in the world lives in these beauties?” Wander around Central Park which was once the sight of a world’s fair when Thomas Edison introduced the electric light as the main exhibit. I recommend taking the Haunted Ghost Tour of Old Louisville. It’s one of the best ways to experience the city.

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Inspirational Travel Bloggers

When I’m sitting at home having some serious wanderlust, my favorite thing to do is read travel blogs to transport me somewhere else for awhile. If you’re in need of some serious inspiration on where you should travel next, here are a few ideas.


World of Wanderlust–With city guides, a multitude of writers, and something to read every single day, World of Wanderlust will make you want to book a plane ticket ASAP to anywhere.

The Little Magpie–Amy is mainly a fashion blogger, but hot damn does she know how to travel and travel well. If you’re looking for a good city guide to Iceland, I highly recommend hers.

Ashley Abroad–Ashley was the reason I looked into au pairing after graduating from university. Her adventures abroad will give you serious wanderlust and jealousy, but you won’t want to stop reading her stories.

The Blonde Abroad–Still my go-to when it comes to travel blogs. I love Kiersten’s sense of adventure (and her Snapchat stories!). And as a fellow solo female traveler (most of the time), it’s nice to see other stories, tips, and tricks from other solo travelers.

Sonder–A great website for students and or travelers going abroad. It is a website that compiles stories from people going abroad, are abroad, or are back from being abroad.