Why You Should See Harry Potter in Concert

Few things make me happier in life than Harry Potter and when I heard the Goblet of Fire was coming to the St. Louis Symphony thanks to CineConcerts, I knew I had to see it. Have I seen the movie over 100 times? Yes. Did that stop me from crying, laughing and cheering the whole way through as if it were the first time I was seeing it? Absolutely not.

There is something about seeing a live orchestra play a movie score live alongside the movie. You can feel the music throughout your body and feel connected to what’s happening on screen as it’s being played out. The quiet moments are more pronounced. The loud moments are more in-your-face. It forces you to be in the moment and it’s wonderful.

While it obviously wasn’t the first time I’ve seen the movie, watching it with the crowd and the symphony felt like seeing it for the first time. We were told by the conductor, Justin Freer, that we were allowed to participate: ‘We ask that you boo your least favorite characters and cheer on your favorites.’ And cheer and gasp and laugh and cry (yes, cry, RIP Cedric), I did. Being around a crowd that loves this fandom as much as I do was a wonderful experience. I saw young kids experiencing the movie for the first time with hands covering their eyes when Voldemort rose once again. I saw an older woman laugh hysterically when Ron was asked to place his hand on McGonagall’s waist. It felt like a joint experience. Something we were all actively participating in together.

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter or just a fan of movie scores in general, I can’t recommend seeing Harry Potter in Concert enough. They are currently on a global tour (yes, GLOBAL!) and will be doing all 8 films (and I personally cannot wait to hear Alexandre Desplat’s score).

Get tickets and see where they’re going to be at next.


The Anti-Bucket List

Thanks to Liv Purvis and everything she does, she inspired me to toot my own horn about the things that happened to me this year. The “Anti-Bucket List” as the cool kids are calling it these days. When I was trying to think of what to write down, I started scrolling through the photos from this year and realized what a strange, incredible, odd and all the other adjectives between “amazing” and “ehhhh” there are–because I know there are a lot! So, without further ado, my list.


1. Learned how to properly walk in heels as I have always been bad at it and shunned all heels from being on my feet. But hey, look at me now, mom, bet you thought this day would never come.

2. Cut 10 inches off my hair because why not?

3. Looked up if you can legally take a cake on a plane and learned that you can and now the next time I fly, I will be sitting there with a full carrot cake in my lap, serving it to passengers to make friends.

4. Went to New York and saw and hugged and kissed people I haven’t seen in ages. I’ll be seeing you all soon.

5. JK Rowling got a Twitter account and everything in life was great.

6. Graduated university. I DID IT. Alas, it was pouring down rain and my mom couldn’t get a decent shot of me walking across the stage, but it happened.

7. Went to the top of the Arch for the first time and didn’t poop my pants.

8. Won 3 Instagram contests. Hell yeah.

9. Quit my job at the bank to pursue a job in writing and all things social media and haven’t had a single regret.

10. Got into a car accident, totaled my car and bought a new one all within two weeks. Cried a lot. But Gunther treats me right (my car, for those who don’t know his name).

11. Sat front row at STLFW and promptly fainted at the end. I mean, Fashion Week, right?!

12. Mauhaus announced they’re making a cat cafe here in STL and everything in life will be perfect once that happens.

13. Made really amazing, beautiful, unique, and wonderful friends.

14. Still loving the Oxford Comma even though work tells me not to use it. WELL LOOK HERE, KELSEY. I’M USING IT! (But not at work because, ugh, we don’t use it.)

15. Became part of an epic Girl Gang.

Side Effects of STLFW

Four days. One tired girl. Saint Louis Fashion Week was one to remember. I spent too much money. Drank a bit too much. Met people who have more money than I’ll ever make in my whole life. Fainted. Ate in passing. Met the woman who created New York Fashion Week and had beef with Kanye West (!). Sat across from Iris Apfel with my knickers showing. Was inspired by so many people. Cried every day, most especially in the shower where I sobbed and sobbed. Said “is this real life?” more than 30 times. Held hands with someone I haven’t seen in months. Drank lots of champagne and acted like I was a lot cleverer than I am. Took too many photos of myself and of others. Learned how to SnapChat better. Had the most quotable week of my life. “Ugh, my straw fell into my champagne.” Touched art with teeth and not sure if I was allowed to do that. Saw a lot of boobs. Saw more of St. Louis than I have in my whole life. Drank 27 coffees in the span of four days. Laughed harder than I have in over a year. Fell in love harder with all the people around me.


The morning after the night before


Photo by Suzy Gorman

The Things I Know


You kissed me in a car. You kissed me in the coffee shop. You kissed me at my doorstep. You texted me good night. I texted you good night.

You kissed me in your basement. You kissed me in a red dress. You kissed me between your sheets. You kissed my naked skin. You kissed me to stay. You texted me, “I wish you’d stayed.” I texted you, “me too.”

You bought me three red roses that I hated but pretended to like. You wore the green sweater that I loved. You bought me a used book with yellowed pages. We slept in your bed more often than not.

We ate Thai take away on the floor in your room. You laughed at stand up much too loudly, as I looked on and smiled. I kissed you with fervor when I had too much wine. Your hand found every crevice when you smoked more than you should. You always asked me to stay.

I left. We can make this work. We didn’t try hard enough.

I took up baking. You had sex with someone else.

I was back in the Spring. We went to the movies. You kissed my neck in the dark. You walked me home. You told me you loved me. We ordered Chinese and had sex in the kitchen.

You kissed me in the dark. You kissed me long and hard. You kissed me in the morning when the light was reflecting on the wall. You kissed me at the door. I texted you, “I love you.” You didn’t text me at all.

Dear August


I apologize for this letter being a little late this month. There has just been a lot going on and I feel like I needed to collect my thoughts before writing them all down.

August, I didn’t like you this year. You really tested me and not in a good way. Maybe one day I’ll look back on this month in fondness, but right now, today, I can’t wait to put as much distance between us as possible. I lost sentimental belongings. I became more anxious. I stopped going out as much. I had something to complain about every day, and I stopped looking hard for the good in life.

I don’t know what to say about you, August. You hurt me. You made me question a lot of things that have happened so far in my life. Made me second guess every decision I have been making while staring along my Facebook news feed and wondering if I should be playing catch up with the families and weddings that keep appearing there.

You made me feel unsupported and lost and that’s the worst feeling to carry around with you. August, you made me fear little things in the world, things that I used to love doing and now I wonder if I’ll ever get over it at all. I wonder if I’ll ever feel comfortable driving again instead of digging my nails into my forearm and driving 35 on the highway when there is traffic. Dear August, you made me feel stupid and unsure of myself during your 31 days and I hope that feeling goes away. Soon. I need it to.

I know that things will get better and I need to start looking at the bright side of thing, but August, you made it really hard for me. You flipped me upside down and unable to find my footing. Maybe September will bring me a new path of footsteps.


Friday night was the Midwest Influencer Network or #MWINetwork VIP Blogger Lounge, and as I was not feeling too well I was going to skip it entirely. Continuous sniffing and a snotty nose is not how I wanted to present myself amongst other bloggers and networking opportunities. However, having major FOMO, I decided to down a couple Advil, cake the concealer over my red nose, and make it to the event.

Since I arrived over an hour after the doors opened, the party was in full swing and I grabbed my goody bag and made my way to the open bar. There were people from all over the Saint Louis area at the event. From paperdolls (gorgeous jewelry), to Meero Mani Nails, and finally to my must-talk-about-I-love-them-so-much brand Throwboy.

Throwboy make unique and internet friendly pillows and “throwbabies” (I use my throwbaby as a keychain.) As an avid fan of YouTube, I have heard of Throwboy before through YouTubers iJustine and PointlessBlog, yet somehow never knew they were made right in my hometown of St. Louis! Not only are the items they sell so very, very cool, the people behind Throwboy are insanely nice and passionate about their work.

I picked up my two emojis: the poop and the hearteyes because who doesn’t love a bit of both?

Check out all their products over on their website and maybe buy one or ten…you can’t have too many emojis in your life.