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Oh, hello long-haired me!
Because I have been incredibly busy lately, I haven’t had the time to write anything meaningful or anything you’d want to read… ever. Working seven days a week is not the one. Especially if you want to have a life, which I clearly don’t.

Instead, I bring you a Spotify playlist that I add music to every time I am going on a trip away. It is quite an eclectic mix of songs, but for long plane or train journeys, it’s relaxing and sassy in the best of ways.


Friendly Advice // Emma

Before I leave for a new place, I usually check in with friends who either a) live in the location I am traveling or b) have visited said location. A lot of my friends, hell most of them, are far more experienced when it comes to traveling, more than I will ever be. With all this in mind, I have come up with a small list of questions that I have sent to a number of my friends to answer for a monthly post (possibly more than monthly) of “Friendly Advice.” The first set of questions were answered by my best friend, Emma.

Name: Emma DiPasquale

Where do you rest your head at night? Cleveland, Ohio.

Is that where you’re originally from? Nope. I was born and raised in Pittsford, a town right outside of Rochester, New York.

Best thing about the city you live? The best thing about Cleveland is that you’re always discovering new things to do. It’s a very underrated city – we have a lot going on. There’s an awesome food and music scene which is always fun to explore.

If you’re not originally from the city you currently reside, what is the best thing about your hometown? One of my favorite reggae bands, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, originated in Rochester.

What’s one thing that tourists do that you wish they didn’t? I wish they didn’t feel the need to do “touristy” things. Find your own spots to explore and enjoy. That’s what makes traveling fun.

Best places to eat? This is a tough one. Cleveland is known as a “foodie” city so we have awesome spots all over. Some of my favorites are Greenhouse Tavern on East 4th St. and Great Lakes Brewery on Market Ave.

Where all have you traveled? A few states here and there. I’ve lived in London. Over there I traveled to Scotland, Ireland, Italy, France, Switzerland, and The Netherlands. I just recently got back from West Virginia, which was absolutely beautiful.

What is your favorite place that you have traveled? Another tough one. I’d have to go with Switzerland.

List five places you want to travel to: Germany, South Africa, Australia, Colorado and The Pacific Northwest

Insert one of your favorite photos you’ve taken on your travels: Photo taken in Interlaken, Switzerland)


Emma is an undergrad at John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio. She is studying English and hopes to hike around in Alaska, similar to Christopher McCandless, whose real life adventures are documented in Emma’s favorite novel “Into the Wild.” 

Music Wednesday: James Bay

Oh look at me, actually uploading music on a Wednesday, like I promised myself I was going to do at the beginning of this blogging thing. Anyway, I have a new crush. Surprise, surprise! I could write a book of all the crushes that I require on a weekly basis. The new guy in my life and in my ears is James Bay.


I mean, look at him. His first album “Chaos and the Calm” dropped March 23 and I have yet to listen to anything else this past week. If you like Hozier (besides the over-played “Take Me to Church” track. . .is the radio ever going to move on from that song?), then you will love James Bay. He is a mix of soulful and folk and I love every second of it. Listen to his song “Scars” below, which just so happens to be my favorite song off of the album.

Music: Owl John

In my senior year of high school, one of my professors knew my eclectic taste in music and all things England and Ireland and introduced me to the band Frightened Rabbit. Well, Scott Hutchison, lead singer of Frightened Rabbit, has a solo project called “Owl John.” The self-titled album is out now and it is wonderful. One of those albums for a rainy day or to roll your windows down (except for me since my driver side window is broken. . .WHY?!) Below is my favorite song off the album called “Songs about Roses.”

Music Wednesday: Modest Mouse

The first time I listened to Modest Mouse I wasn’t all that impressed. Then, after a really bad day, the song “Heart Cooks Brain” came on my mix CD that was playing in my car and it seemed to be the only song in the world that mattered at the time. “The Lonesome Crowded West” is in my top favorite albums of all time, with the song “Trailer Trash” being one of my top favorite songs. Listen to it below, and maybe check out the band on Spotify. They’re pretty excellent.

Music Wednesday: Hudson Taylor

While watching Anthony Bourdain’s new show “The Layover” on the Travel Channel, they focused on a band that was busking in the streets of Dublin called Hudson Taylor. I may have paused a bit too long on their faces since they are pretty attractive, but they’re not only just pretty faces. The songs that the show played were extremely catchy and had me rushing over to my laptop to see if these boys had any songs on YouTube I could listen to. Much to my delight, they just got signed and will be releasing their first album in the next couple weeks.

They have a few songs on Spotify that you should definitely check out, and please check out their new single below called “World Without You.”