Why You Should See Harry Potter in Concert

Few things make me happier in life than Harry Potter and when I heard the Goblet of Fire was coming to the St. Louis Symphony thanks to CineConcerts, I knew I had to see it. Have I seen the movie over 100 times? Yes. Did that stop me from crying, laughing and cheering the whole way through as if it were the first time I was seeing it? Absolutely not.

There is something about seeing a live orchestra play a movie score live alongside the movie. You can feel the music throughout your body and feel connected to what’s happening on screen as it’s being played out. The quiet moments are more pronounced. The loud moments are more in-your-face. It forces you to be in the moment and it’s wonderful.

While it obviously wasn’t the first time I’ve seen the movie, watching it with the crowd and the symphony felt like seeing it for the first time. We were told by the conductor, Justin Freer, that we were allowed to participate: ‘We ask that you boo your least favorite characters and cheer on your favorites.’ And cheer and gasp and laugh and cry (yes, cry, RIP Cedric), I did. Being around a crowd that loves this fandom as much as I do was a wonderful experience. I saw young kids experiencing the movie for the first time with hands covering their eyes when Voldemort rose once again. I saw an older woman laugh hysterically when Ron was asked to place his hand on McGonagall’s waist. It felt like a joint experience. Something we were all actively participating in together.

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter or just a fan of movie scores in general, I can’t recommend seeing Harry Potter in Concert enough. They are currently on a global tour (yes, GLOBAL!) and will be doing all 8 films (and I personally cannot wait to hear Alexandre Desplat’s score).

Get tickets and see where they’re going to be at next.


How to have a very Potter-filled September

The train for the Hogwarts Express leaves on September 1 and the start of Albus Severus Potter’s (still not over that name) second year at Hogwarts will kick off. Since we’ve all surpassed the entire timeline of Harry Potter as of last September, it seems like more and more Harry Potter pop-ups, events and podcasts are happening all over the place. And while we wait (and wait and wait) for that inevitable Harry Potter Netflix reboot (it has to happen, right?!), here are some things you can do this September to make sure that your month is filled with all things HP.


September 1: Stripefy: A Stunning Burlesque Tribute to Harry Potter
To celebrate the first day back at Hogwarts, Stripefy is bringing a magical show to St. Louis. Join an incredible cast for a night of frivolity and delight as they peel back the layers of beloved (and abhorred—hello, Voldemort!) characters to reveal them in their truest form—naked for all the world to see. Enjoy Potter-themed cocktails, trivia and loads more.

September 7: First Friday at SLSC
St. Louis Science Center’s First Fridays are back and this time they want you to explore science through the magical world of Harry Potter! Participate in wizarding activities, browse Harry Potter-inspired arts and crafts, and learn about the controversies of the Harry Potter franchise with special presenter Kayla Davis.

September 14-16: Harry Potter in Concert at Powell Hall
CineConcerts is back at it again this time with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Enjoy an epic night of Harry Potter with a live orchestra playing the entire movie score. You will feel like you’re watching the fourth movie for the first time and relive the magic of the Boy Who Lived.

September 20: Harry Potter Party STL at The Ready Room
Get ready to dance all night long at Hogwarts. Wizard Fest is coming to The Ready Room where there will be Harry Potter-themed drinks, Quidditch Pong, a costume contest and so much more.

October 1-31: Wizarding Month
Okay, okay, I know I said month of September, but since this is happening all of October, I thought I’d do a special mention. La Patisserie Chouquette is hosting a Wizarding Month all of October with special treats for the witch and wizard in your life. The best part of this month? The Afternoon Tea that will be happening every weekend. If you love delicious cakes, hot chocolate, tea, butterbeer and a plethora of other goodies, you’ll want to reserve a spot asap.