Paris in the Rain

Paris in the rain is not like the Paris that Owen Wilson describes in Midnight in Paris. What Woody Allen was thinking, I’ll never know. Unlike most Americans, I love Paris. It was the first city I traveled abroad to when I was 17. I spent my 18th birthday on top of the Eiffel Tower, floating along the Seine in a river boat and eating my weight in Nutella crêpes.

Yet, this wasn’t the time that the rain came. When I went back to Paris two years later, it rained hard and heavy. Maybe it was because it was mad at me for experiencing London for the first time and falling hopelessly in love with London. Paris, I still liked, but there wasn’t that longing feeling I felt when I thought about London. Paris in the rain is dreary and cold. She’s bitter and her friends look at you with disdain when you huddle under a canopy trying to stay dry and figure out where the hell you’re going. Paris is a cold shoulder in the rain. She doesn’t help guide you along to your next destination. Instead, she puts distractions and annoyances in your way as you try to navigate her narrow streets. Paris is congestion in the rain. Everyone moves in the same direction and hides in the same areas as you, all thinking that they’ll avoid the raindrops too. Paris is a slippery step, a stolen phone and an inappropriate hand gesture in the rain. She drenches her stone steps with puddles that you need to look out for. She sends out people to distract you with flyers and things to sign while digging in your pockets for the phone you just bought weeks earlier. But, you’re stronger and tougher and more determined than Paris. Sometimes. Sometimes you look her friends in the eyes and tell them to give your phone back right now, “Mon téléphone, maintenant.” No pleases, just a hand out to grab the phone back at a middle finger pointed squarely in your face that you have to force yourself not to bend backwards. Paris can be rolled eyes when you struggle with the language. A hard sigh and frustration when the Americans immediately start asking where the toilets are in English.

Paris is beautiful and wonderful and kind and sweet. Or she can be a massive bitch. A venomous creature that will try to sink her claws into your flesh. She’s beautiful in summer and horrible in the spring rain. I hope you meet her lovely side and that you try to speak her language.

For anyone who doesn’t speak French, there is an app for you! “Yes, I Speak Touriste !” is an app that lets you know restaurants, shops, hotels and many more that speak your language! So, if you’re afraid Paris is going to look at you in disdain, try downloading this before you go and she may forgive you.


Films to Fill Your Wanderlust

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


After I watched this movie the first time, I almost booked a one way ticket to Iceland and wouldn’t have regretted it for one minute if I actually did. However, something stopped me and whenever I watch this movie, I wonder why. The scene when Ben Stiller skateboards though the streets in Iceland with the mountains in the background, and he just seems so free, is everything that I want in life.

Bridget Jones

Bridget Jones
*Actual photo of me

Bridget Jones is my spirit animal. Not being able to cook, dressing like a bunny rabbit at a family event, falling for the wrong men? Yup, all me. The English accents, Hugh Grant’s wavy hair, and dirty London taxis, always get me nostalgic for the place that I hope to call home one day. Although there is no huge exterior shots of the London Eye or double decker buses, Bridget Jones always makes me want to buy a shitty apartment over a fish and chips shop if it means being back in London streets.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

sisterhood of the traveling pants kostos and lena

The ultimate film for wanderlust. Is it totally lame that I cry every time I watch this film? It is? Okay. Well, if you want to see the beautiful blue ocean of Greece and Blake Lively running along a beach in Mexico (hubba hubba), I highly recommend this film. And if you haven’t seen this already, have you been living under a rock?!

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel


I have never wanted to go to India more than after I had finished watching this movie. Maybe when I am old and retired, I will travel to India and find myself a hot retired, old man to please me. The scenery in this film is gorgeous and such a heart-warming beautiful movie.

Summer Fun [Art Hill]

What’s better than watching one of your all time favorite films with a bunch of friends? Watching that same film in the middle of one of the largest parks in the United States with food trucks from all over St. Louis. My favorite event in St. Louis, Art Hill Film Series, is back this summer with one of my all time favorite films, Clueless! It was like they knew I just finished Emma by Jane Austen.

art park

Saint Louis Art Museum hosts one of the most popular summer events that is free and available to the public. Yes, you read that correctly: free.

The annual event starts on Friday, July 10 running until Friday, July 31. Whether you are in love with classic thrillers, science fiction, or “as-if!” types of movies, there will be something for everyone to watch this summer.

The event starts at 6pm with food trucks, a DJ on deck, and (of course) art-making activities. Picnic baskets and coolers are allowed on the hill, so if you don’t want to and/or don’t have the funds to shell out on food trucks and drinks, you’re more than welcome to bring your own!

The films typically start at 9pm, so make sure you get there early enough to get a nice spot on the soft grass. 

For more information and a full list of films, visit

“What the hell is that?”

“A dress!”

“Says who?!”

“Calvin Klein.”

lost in translation.

I saw this movie a few years ago and immediately fell in love. It could be because of Bill Murray, or Scarlett, but mainly, probably, mostly because I love Sophia Coppola and all of her films. She always has such beautiful cinematography and after watching Lost in Translation, I desperately wanted to go to Tokyo.

The ending scene is my favorite since Murray and Johansson have an intimate moment that isn’t shared in the movie. He whispers in her ear and then they part ways. I read somewhere that the moment wasn’t scripted and that makes it more special to me.

“I have to be leaving, but don’t let that come between us. Okay?”