Cigs and Pine // Scotland

Cigs and Pine // Scotland

12 October 2013; 8:23AM

Cigarettes and pine is what Scotland smells like. Nat and I got off the £13 MegaBus smelling like sweat and lack of sleep after 9 hours of attempting to sleep in an upright position.

The bathroom was our savior at 8 in the morning where we wiped down our skin with baby wipes I kept in the sides of my bag and dry-shampooed the sides of our hair. I watched as Nat meticulously put on her MAC Russian Red, fluffed up the sides of her hair before shaking her head and shoving her orange beanie over her blonde hair.


Cigarettes and pine. What an odd smell.

It was too early to check in with our Couchsurfing host and the light was just coming up in the Medieval town. The dark stones echoed under our boots as we made our way to the city centre to find wifi and coffee.


After sitting in Costa for nearly an hour, we found food and the bus to our home for the weekend. The place was weird with a bunkbed in the living room and two couches. A Spanish couple mumbled something to us as we walked through the door. A South Korean boy nodded as he grabbed tea from the kitchen. Another boy from the Philippines asked us our names while our host locked the door behind us. A cat walked around my legs.


I’m Natalie and this is Mackenzie.

We took another bus. We had no idea where to go. The Docs were too expensive, so we ended up looking at bargain priced items from Misguided and looking at old Cathedrals. We walked up the streets and down the streets and through old churchyards where graves have been since the 1600s.

The city built on top of another city.

We were tired and decided to see The Elephant House, where JK Rowling wrote those books on a napkin. I had a coffee while Natalie read which bands were going to be playing at some festival sometime soon in the local paper that happened to be laying on the table next to us. There was graffiti in the bathroom.


This way to the Ministry with an arrow pointing down into the toilet.

Across the street was Nandos where we stuffed our faces with peri-peri sauce and a nice cheeky chicken sandwich before walking to a local Tescos at night. Edinburgh Castle was lit up in the sky like some kind of beaconing force lighting our way forward to aisle 4 to pick up cheap red wine.

We sat outside in a hotel parking lot next to a movie theatre and popped open the bottle of wine. Stumbling out of the bars next door were girls in short dresses and heels waiting for their boyfriends to slip their arms around their waists to take them home. After a half hour, we had a buzz going and bought tickets to see a movie. I fell asleep in the movie. There wasn’t a happy ending.

We took the wrong bus home.

Glasgow from a train is beautiful. Fast, wild and free. It is full of bacon butties and IRN-BRU. When we got out of the train station the air was full of feathers in the square. It looked as if they just had a pillow fight and everyone was laughing.


We walked to another Cathedral where people were checking the “vibes” of the spirits in the place. I was really hoping there wasn’t anyone there as I stepped on a gravesite to get the perfect picture for Instagram. Sorry.

I found my own personal TARDIS. I found signs outside bars that I identified so well with. We had pizza and white wine and talked about boys and walked through a fun fair watching children screaming and eating candy floss by the fist full.



Two hours later, we were watching Children of Men with the South Korean, the Spaniards and the Filipino and sipping Soju.

The next morning we almost snuck out through a window since the doors were locked but we made it to the train station in time all while Nat wore her dollar sign socks.


Friendly Advice // Alex

This month’s “Friendly Advice” comes from the lovely Alex, whom I met in London a couple years ago.

Name: Alexandra (Alex) Wong Tuai (2-E)

Where do you rest your head at night? On a pillow I stole from my younger sister. In my bed. In Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Is that where you’re originally from? Nope, I’m from Seattle, WA.

Best thing about the city you live? Some of the people that are closest to my heart and soul live in the same city right now.

If you’re not originally from the city you currently reside, what is the best thing about your hometown? The best thing about Seattle is the harmony of nature and city.

What’s one thing that tourists do that you wish they didn’t? Stop in the middle of the street/subway/anywhere to take pictures/check their phones.

Best places to eat? This dumpling place hidden away in Brooklyn by my old university. Anywhere that can feed me quickly if I’m hangry.

Where all have you traveled? Hahaha oh jeez. China, France, Spain, Great Britain, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Morocco, South Africa, Wales, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Thailand, Taiwan, India, Nepal, Turkey, Portugal, South Africa, and I’ll be heading to Australia and New Zealand in the next couple of years. 

What is your favorite place that you have traveled? South Africa without a doubt.

List five places you want to travel to: South America, South East Asia, all of the United States I haven’t seen, the Scandinavian countries, the rest of the African continent, the Middle East, Central Asia, and South Asia. 

Insert one of your favorite photos you’ve taken on your travels:


Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Alex Tuai is a recent graduate of Long Island University in New York City, where she studied was a global studies undergrad. She loves to watch countless episodes of Doctor Who and beauty vloggers on YouTube.

Best at the Grammy and BAFTA Awards

When I grow up, I want to be Rihanna. That’s all I want. How can one woman exude so much attitude, style, beauty, and sex? I want to do that. Last night was the Grammy and BAFTA Awards and like most posts by bloggers today, I’m going to post some of my favorite looks from both ceremonies.

Grammy Awards

Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino (Donald Glover): This man can pull off a tux. He makes my heart beat too fast, especially when he looks like this.


Haim: Can these beauties be any more gorgeous? It’s crazy to think that their parents’ genes could be this good. Applause.


Rihanna: I love her so much. It’s ridiculous. Her performance with Kanye and Paul McCartney was fantastic and her performance suit was FANTASTIC.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry: She always makes me want to dye my hair lavender. This dress is so gorgeous (although a bit like the Swarvoski dress Rihanna wore, no?)

BAFTA Awards

Okay, I have more people in the BAFTA list because the BAFTAs are the Brits Oscars. And, the Brits know how to dress.

Kiera Knightley

Keira Knightley: This woman always looks beautiful. I love the details of the dress and her make-up and hair look incredible.

Jenna Coleman BFTAS

Jenna Coleman: WOW. All I can say.

Jack OConnell

Jack O’Connell: HUBBA HUBBA.

Felicity Jones

Felicity Jones: I’m so glad that Felicity is finally getting the recognition she deserves and she looks incredible in this dress. I wish the fabric on the bottom of the skirt wasn’t wrinkled, but the fabric is so difficult NOT to wrinkle. But my goodness, she looks amazing.

lea seydoux BF

Lea Seydoux: I want to kiss this woman. How can someone pull off one of the most difficult colors to wear so flawlessly?! She’s breathtaking. Best dressed of both ceremonies if you ask me. Oh, those pesky French woman, always looking so good.

Dianna Argon

Dianna Agron: Now, this is how you wear a red dress on a red carpet.

Amy Adams

Amy Adams: I’m sorry, but Amy Adams has never, and can’t ever, do wrong in my eyes.

Natalie Dormer

Natalie Dormer: I was on the fence about this dress until I saw this photo and her sassy gaze. Natalie is just pure sex and anyone who can pull off gloves gets a Best Dressed in my book.