Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date Me


I’m too quiet at parties.
I’m too loud when we’re alone.
I’m constantly wondering if there is something better.
I don’t need you and you definitely don’t need me.
I’m selfish.
I’m lazy.
I like Harry Potter more than one should.
I’ll ignore you.
I’ll constantly want to talk to you.
I have chipped nail polish and chapped lips.
I don’t care.
I care way too much.
I have more shoes than I should.
I’m too tall for most boys.
I love to wear heels.
I wear clothes you’ll hate.
I wear clothes most people hate.
I’ll spend way too much money on unnecessary items.
I will choose my cats over you.
I will choose my friends over you.
I know where I want to eat.
I always want Thai.
I have tattoos that don’t mean anything.
I got tattoos because I liked the designs.
I smile too sincerely.
I scowl with ferocity.
I mumble because I don’t want to be heard.
I’ll roll my eyes at every little thing you say.
I’ll watch movies that make me laugh too loudly.
I’ll watch movies that make me angry.
I’ll watch movies that make me cry.
I’ll want to hold your hand through it all.
I don’t smoke.
I hardly drink.
I swear way too much.
I’ll wear my denim jacket without washing it for weeks.
I won’t shave my legs for you.
I’ll ask you to stop talking.
I’ll ask you to tell me everything you love.
I’ll look you into your eyes when you’re speaking to me.
I’ll kiss you with all the sincerity I can muster.
I’m constantly changing my mind.
I like to be right about everything.
I’ll never tell you when I’m wrong.
I’ll cry on your shoulder.
I’ll cry in the car.
I’ll cry in bed.
I’ll just cry.
I’ll book a trip away from you.
I’ll leave you for months without talking to you.
I won’t answer all of your texts.
I’ll only tell you where I am with a photo.
I’ll show up at your house late at night.
I’ll ask you to forgive me.
I’ll tell you all the things you don’t want to hear.
I’ll love you too hard.
I’ll hate you so much.
I’ll make you angry.
I’ll make you sad.
I’ll make you fall in love with me.
I’ll hurt you.
I’ll hurt you because I care too much about you.
I’ll hurt you because I love you.
I’ll push you away.
I’ll make you hate me.
I’ll make you hate me for loving me.
I’ll fall in love with you all over again.


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