10 Places to Try in Dublin, Ireland

In May, I took my mom to Dublin for the first time. As it was her first time abroad, I was trying to make sure we hit all the best places to eat, grab coffee, and see the sights. During the four days we were in Dublin, we tried some of the most delicious food. Here are ten places we tried that I would HIGHLY recommend.

Photo by Dine in Dublin

1/ Elephant and Castle
Well-known for its wings, Elephant and Castle is a wonderful restaurant to hop into for lunch in the Temple Bar district.

2/ Crackbird
I’m getting hungry just thinking about Crackbird. It’s a chicken shop with epically large portions and you need to try the coleslaw.

3/ 777
With strong drinks and street corn that I still can’t stop thinking about, 777 is a cozy and gorgeous Mexican restaurant.

4/ Kaph
This hole-in-the-wall coffee shop is a dream. It offers a variety of tea, coffee, and hot chocolate.

5/ 3fe
Another coffee stop. We did a lot of them. 3fe has delicious coffee and if you’re wanting to sit and eat, I highly recommend the pancakes at brunch. Yum.

6/ Brother Hubbard
The interior at Brother Hubbard is an Instagram dream, plus the food is everything you’d want and more.

7/ L Mulligan Grocer
Traditional Irish food in a very Irish pub.

8/ The Fumbally
Locally roasted coffee and fresh, organic food from around Ireland.

9/ Cocoa Atelier
I loved this place. Fresh macarons, chocolate pieces, sauces, and more, Cocoa Atelier is such a delicious and lovely place to stop while you’re walking around the city.

10/ Cafe Kylemore
If you’re hungover or really need a good, hearty breakfast, Cafe Kylemore is the place to go.


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