Dear January

I promised myself this year would be made up of moments. I would take each day as it comes and not force fun, force moments, or force behavior. This month has been proof that you should never force life to happen because sometimes life is really fucking rad and you meet people you didn’t know a few months ago that completely understand you and you just take it day by day.


At the start of every year, I always get this weird sense of nostalgia of things that at the time felt really great, but in retrospective were probably not the best. People I let walk all over me. Nights where I should have gone out instead of staying home. And some serious hard looks at myself and what a shitty friend I can be. I’m working on it. I really am.


But, January, you were a good month. You were full of discovery and Bloody Marys. You were full of food and fast friends. You brought new music in my life, more dance parties, and remembering how much I like to hang out with people and have genuine conversations about everything and nothing all at the same time. You were full of ice cream, eye-rolling, lace-up shoes, and the reality that I’ll be leaving in a few months back to the city that I love more than anything. You were full of Star Wars jokes, movies at vintage theatres where Kels and I laughed and laughed and laughed. You were full of art, happy hours, valets, and falling in love with strangers passing by with beanies and a flute of champagne. You were full of kissing booths, Tinder, and all the Drake jokes one can imagine.


January, I want to say a hearty thank you. You’ve been good and maybe next month I will write to you in a video.


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