Inspirational Travel Bloggers

When I’m sitting at home having some serious wanderlust, my favorite thing to do is read travel blogs to transport me somewhere else for awhile. If you’re in need of some serious inspiration on where you should travel next, here are a few ideas.


World of Wanderlust–With city guides, a multitude of writers, and something to read every single day, World of Wanderlust will make you want to book a plane ticket ASAP to anywhere.

The Little Magpie–Amy is mainly a fashion blogger, but hot damn does she know how to travel and travel well. If you’re looking for a good city guide to Iceland, I highly recommend hers.

Ashley Abroad–Ashley was the reason I looked into au pairing after graduating from university. Her adventures abroad will give you serious wanderlust and jealousy, but you won’t want to stop reading her stories.

The Blonde Abroad–Still my go-to when it comes to travel blogs. I love Kiersten’s sense of adventure (and her Snapchat stories!). And as a fellow solo female traveler (most of the time), it’s nice to see other stories, tips, and tricks from other solo travelers.

Sonder–A great website for students and or travelers going abroad. It is a website that compiles stories from people going abroad, are abroad, or are back from being abroad.


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