The Anti-Bucket List

Thanks to Liv Purvis and everything she does, she inspired me to toot my own horn about the things that happened to me this year. The “Anti-Bucket List” as the cool kids are calling it these days. When I was trying to think of what to write down, I started scrolling through the photos from this year and realized what a strange, incredible, odd and all the other adjectives between “amazing” and “ehhhh” there are–because I know there are a lot! So, without further ado, my list.


1. Learned how to properly walk in heels as I have always been bad at it and shunned all heels from being on my feet. But hey, look at me now, mom, bet you thought this day would never come.

2. Cut 10 inches off my hair because why not?

3. Looked up if you can legally take a cake on a plane and learned that you can and now the next time I fly, I will be sitting there with a full carrot cake in my lap, serving it to passengers to make friends.

4. Went to New York and saw and hugged and kissed people I haven’t seen in ages. I’ll be seeing you all soon.

5. JK Rowling got a Twitter account and everything in life was great.

6. Graduated university. I DID IT. Alas, it was pouring down rain and my mom couldn’t get a decent shot of me walking across the stage, but it happened.

7. Went to the top of the Arch for the first time and didn’t poop my pants.

8. Won 3 Instagram contests. Hell yeah.

9. Quit my job at the bank to pursue a job in writing and all things social media and haven’t had a single regret.

10. Got into a car accident, totaled my car and bought a new one all within two weeks. Cried a lot. But Gunther treats me right (my car, for those who don’t know his name).

11. Sat front row at STLFW and promptly fainted at the end. I mean, Fashion Week, right?!

12. Mauhaus announced they’re making a cat cafe here in STL and everything in life will be perfect once that happens.

13. Made really amazing, beautiful, unique, and wonderful friends.

14. Still loving the Oxford Comma even though work tells me not to use it. WELL LOOK HERE, KELSEY. I’M USING IT! (But not at work because, ugh, we don’t use it.)

15. Became part of an epic Girl Gang.


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