Side Effects of STLFW

Four days. One tired girl. Saint Louis Fashion Week was one to remember. I spent too much money. Drank a bit too much. Met people who have more money than I’ll ever make in my whole life. Fainted. Ate in passing. Met the woman who created New York Fashion Week and had beef with Kanye West (!). Sat across from Iris Apfel with my knickers showing. Was inspired by so many people. Cried every day, most especially in the shower where I sobbed and sobbed. Said “is this real life?” more than 30 times. Held hands with someone I haven’t seen in months. Drank lots of champagne and acted like I was a lot cleverer than I am. Took too many photos of myself and of others. Learned how to SnapChat better. Had the most quotable week of my life. “Ugh, my straw fell into my champagne.” Touched art with teeth and not sure if I was allowed to do that. Saw a lot of boobs. Saw more of St. Louis than I have in my whole life. Drank 27 coffees in the span of four days. Laughed harder than I have in over a year. Fell in love harder with all the people around me.


The morning after the night before


Photo by Suzy Gorman

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