Dear September


Things I learned this September

  1. I wish I was two inches taller.
  2. I’m over emotional.
  3. I wish I looked like Bella Hadid.
  4. I love Halloween more than anything.
  5. The way the Spooky Vanilla candle mixes with the Paris Daydream candle makes the perfect combination.
  6. I really need to get that mole looked at.
  7. I haven’t hung out with anyone outside of work and family this whole month and I feel fine.
  8. I need to read more.
  9. If I am awake past 11pm, I am mean.
  10. And tired.
  11. And somehow hungry.
  12. I cry at every X Factor UK episode.
  13. I like to wear dark lipstick but my lips are cracked at all times and the color ends up smudged all over my face.
  14. I wish it was cold all the time, but occasionally want to visit the beach.
  15. I’m scared of most things but not spiders but most definitely dogs.
  16. I only painted my nails three weeks out of four.
  17. I love my new friends that I have met through work. They make me feel normal.
  18. I’m still scared of failing but that fear lessens a little bit each day.

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