To London We Go


When I announced to my mom that we are going to London a couple months ago, she immediately cried with excitement and became nervous with fear. The furthest my mother has ever traveled is Mexico, and sometimes she complains that the flight is a little too long for her liking.

Although the day that we depart is still quite far off, I have started planning the trip abroad each day out of undying love for the city I’ll soon be stepping foot in. My love for London is unwavering. I remember at the age of seven and telling everyone I knew that I was going to be living there. I was going to be an orthodontist, and as everyone laughed, claiming no one in England would come to my practice because no one cared about their teeth there, I never stopped dreaming. I may have changed my mind about wanting to fix people’s teeth, but the dream of living in the land of double decker buses never stopped happening.

Now, I get to take my mom, who has never fully understood my fantasy, although she certainly has never tried to diminish my dream. She will get to see why I fell in love with the way of life, the fast pace, the buildings, the clothes, the people spilling out on all sides at the pub.

I told her not to have any expectations because I was the one going to deliver her the very best of London. The London that would be amazing to live in – Notting Hill, South Kensington, Marylebone – but one can dream of that life and show their mother that maybe, if I put my mind to it hard enough that, that way of life could become a possibility.

So, as I plan and make lists and figure out where to stay, I ask you this: If you were taking your mom to London for the first time and she really has no expectations, where would you take her?


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