Friendly Advice // Chad

Name: Chad Curtis

Where do you rest your head at night? In the suburbs of the twin cities, MN.

Is that where you’re originally from? Nope, I was born in Michigan (so I’m told), raised in St. Charles, MO, and then moved to Ames, IA for college before I ended up in MN.

Best thing about the city you live? Anybody can find something to do. Whether its food, music, sports, lakes, beer, etc., there are a multitude of options for entertainment. The people up here are pretty great as well, so finding a friend to join you for all of these activities is also an easy task.

If you’re not originally from the city you currently reside, what is the best thing about your hometown? Going to Cardinals baseball games! If you haven’t been, then you’re missing out on one of the best things to do in STL. 😉

What’s one thing that tourists do that you wish they didn’t? Flock to the Mall of America and make traffic a nightmare. I do my best to avoid that area.

Best places to eat? That is a tough question. I’ve only scratched the surface of the MN food scene in my short time here, but from my experience Black Sheep Pizza is an option you can never go wrong with, and the pork banh mi from Lu’s Sandwiches is my current addiction.

Where all have you traveled? I’ve been to just about half of the states, and I’ve also been to Kenya twice and spent a night in Amsterdam. I plan on adding to that list in the near future.

What is your favorite place that you have traveled? Definitely Kenya! I went with Hopeful Africa, a non-profit that was started by a good friend and fraternity brother of mine, and had such an amazing experience the first time, I had to go back for round two.

List five places you want to travel to: It’s hard to pick only five, but here goes nothing– Barcelona, Prague, Australia, Italy and London.

Insert one of your favorite photos you’ve taken on your travels:

Messages Image(597257482)

Chad Curtis is a recent graduate at Iowa State University and when he isn’t traveling all around the US with his company, he likes to attend concerts and drink beer. Lots and lots of beer.


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