Jaws on the Water


A couple years ago my friend texted me saying that she was going to watch the movie Jaws while floating in her pool. Now, I feel like I am brave (insert laughter here), but when it comes to water and sharks, I go running screaming the other way. Why anyone would want to watch the number one film that scared most of the world away from the small island town of Amity while floating around in water is beyond me.

However, if this sounds like something you’re into and since it’s Shark Week, I recommend flying to Austin, Texas this week. The Alamo Drafthouse introduced Jaws on the Water back in 2002 and now it’s back for the first time since then at the man-made Texas Ski Ranch Lake for Jaws 40th Anniversary. The only conditions? You’re outside floating on an inner tube in the pitch-black lake. Sounds like a wild night, right?


Tickets are $30 and include an inner tube. Alamo Drafthouse says you can expect plenty of other additions, including 10 sharks in the water, specials on Dos Equis all night long and plenty more. Food, drink and beer are for sale because we all know that some of us need a little bit of courage to dip our toes into the unknown depths of lake water.

Duh-nuh, duh-nuh, duh-nuh


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