Eats // Nordic Bakery

As I just booked my flights back to jolly ol’ Londontown for the Spring, I feel that it is only necessary to have another “Eats” London edition.

Every Saturday morning, I would wake up a lot earlier than my roommate and walk around the Marylebone High Street, which was very close to my school. I’d walk around, stopping in front of the Aesop store to drench my hands in orange scented lotion and watch the morning stragglers stumble their way home from the night before.

It was about a month in to my study abroad that I turned onto a street that I hadn’t been to on my walk before and smelled cinnamon in the air. I, thankfully, trusted my instincts (and my nose) and discovered what I think is the hidden cinnamon roll secret in London: Nordic Bakery. Which apparently isn’t as big of a secret as I originally thought at the time. While I was screaming it from the rooftops, everyone else already seemed to know about it. Boo.


I’m going out on a limb and guessing that they put some type of addictive drug into the cinnamon before selling their rolls because I came back for more, every single week. I had to limit myself to once a week since I was terrified I would gain a hundred pounds at the rate I was stuffing those rolls in my mouth.


If cinnamon rolls aren’t really your thing (are you a human?!), then I highly recommend their Berry Buns. Sweet rolls with blueberry or lingonberry jam? Delicious! Or, how about a Blueberry Upside Down Cake. Yes, you heard that right, Blueberry Upside Down Cake.

These options are, of course, served best with coffee and Nordic Bakery has what Special Agent Dale Cooper would call a “damn fine cup of coffee” and teas. Lots and lots of teas.


I cannot wait to go back and sink my teeth into all the treats. And, no, I’m not just talking about the food, you should see the men who work there…

Buy their cookbook here.


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