Top Rated Essie Colors

*Disclaimer: I apologize about the weird lighting in the photos, my camera is on its last legs.

My obsession with Essie started only two years ago. I had a friend introduce the brand to me after I told her that every time I bought an OPI nail polish, it would start to flake right away. Now, I had always been an OPI girl and never once strayed from them until Essie’s “Bahama Mama” was thrust into my hand and it was love at first sight. Or polish, should I say?

Today, I have quite an extensive collection of Essie. And by that, I mean I have over 30 different colors. However, each of them get used a lot. I change up my nail color at least once or twice a week because I get bored and like having my nails done, and I detest when they are chipped.

Below are my top favorite colors of the collection that I have. A few colors that aren’t listed that I am in love with are: After School Boy Blazer, Wicked, Stylenomics, and Bahama Mama.

Fashion Playground : mint green (or as the website says “pistachio green”)

Lilacism : lilac (duh)

Topless & Barefoot : perfect nude (for my very pale skin)

Petal Pushers : from the new Essie Spring Collection; a slate blue color that somehow, for me, brightens up those rainy days — like today.

Chinchilly : I call this color “stone gray,” Essie calls it “sleek granite gray.” Whatever the color is, I adore it.


Chills & Thrills : I quite surprise myself by enjoying this color on my fingers, but I love it. It’s a vibrant, almost, neon cobalt blue. If you’re feeling fierce, I highly recommend.

Garden Variety : from the new Essie Spring Collection, teal blue and again I surprise myself by being so obsessed with this color, but I think it’s gorgeous.

Geranium : my all time favorite Essie color. I wear this color all year round, but feel it is more spring/summer color. It is an orangey-red that works perfectly with girls who have red undertones in their skin.

Forever Yummy : blood red or “Creamy Tango Red” like Essie claims; whenever I want to feel like I could kill a man with a look, I wear this color. 

Secret Story : a gorgeous spring color, is “orchid pink” a color because I’m making it one.


Should we get the “ew! feet!” comment out of the way? And, yes, I know my big toe is horribly painted. I love nail polish and love having painted fingers and toes, but I’m awful at painting them. Boo.

Fall in Line : a nice forest green; I believe this is from the Dress to Kilt Collection which produced a number of my favorite Essie colors.

Flowerista : from the new Essie Spring Collection, a gorgeous plum that is so easy to apply and extremely vibrant.


Et, voila! My top-rated collection. What are some of your favorite colors and which ones do you think are “must haves?” Let me know in the comments!


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