Friday night was the Midwest Influencer Network or #MWINetwork VIP Blogger Lounge, and as I was not feeling too well I was going to skip it entirely. Continuous sniffing and a snotty nose is not how I wanted to present myself amongst other bloggers and networking opportunities. However, having major FOMO, I decided to down a couple Advil, cake the concealer over my red nose, and make it to the event.

Since I arrived over an hour after the doors opened, the party was in full swing and I grabbed my goody bag and made my way to the open bar. There were people from all over the Saint Louis area at the event. From paperdolls (gorgeous jewelry), to Meero Mani Nails, and finally to my must-talk-about-I-love-them-so-much brand Throwboy.

Throwboy make unique and internet friendly pillows and “throwbabies” (I use my throwbaby as a keychain.) As an avid fan of YouTube, I have heard of Throwboy before through YouTubers iJustine and PointlessBlog, yet somehow never knew they were made right in my hometown of St. Louis! Not only are the items they sell so very, very cool, the people behind Throwboy are insanely nice and passionate about their work.

I picked up my two emojis: the poop and the hearteyes because who doesn’t love a bit of both?

Check out all their products over on their website and maybe buy one or ten…you can’t have too many emojis in your life.


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