2015 Goals // January

At the beginning of the year, like most people, I set myself goals to complete throughout the year. Most people call these things “resolutions,” but I opted out of that word, since I don’t like it too much, and hoped that using “goals” would actually make me try to achieve them. As January has already come and gone, it is only necessary to see how I am getting along. My goals were to read 50 new books and watch 50 new films this year, and so far, I have done well in one and not so well in the other.


1. Boyhood (liked it two weeks later)

2. Amazing Spider Man 2 (shite)

3. Kinky Boots (I want to see the musical desperately)

4. The Theory of Everything (sobbed my heart out)

5. Birdman (my head is still exploding from how amazing this film is)

6. Women Aren’t Funny (Bonnie McFarlanen is an absolute babe)

7. Gone Girl (controversial statement, but I loved it)

8. The Judge (half an hour too long)

9. Skeleton Twins (ehhh)

10. Sense and Sensibility (I had it on as background noise and got sucked in)

11. Chef (pretty cute)

12. Whiplash (I’ve never been so anxious in a film)

13. Not Another Happy Ending (soooo cheesy, in a good way)


1. Northanger Abbey

2. Sense and Sensibility

3. Princesse de Cleves

Can you tell which one I’ve been more focused on? School is currently in session until May (and I finally graduate!), so until then, it’s basically going to be school related books. Not that I’m not enjoying Jane Austen, she’s magnificent. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to actually read one of her novels.

If you set goals and/or resolutions for yourself, how are you getting along?


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