January Favorites // 2015

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a favorites post, now hasn’t it?! I’ve liked a lot of things in January and most of them aren’t beauty related, so below are my favorites in two parts. Let me know in the comments some things you were raving about in the month of January. Welcome to a new year!

Beauty Favorites:

Burberry Brit Sheer: I have rediscovered my obsession with all things perfume with this little baby. For the past two years I have been going between only two perfumes: Burberry Brit and Ralph Lauren Romance. Mom calls them spicy. I call them sexy. I feel refreshed and sassy when I wear them, however, sometimes they seem a bit heavy for every day wear. My beautiful friend Paige bought me a new perfume for Christmas that has now moved to my every day “fresh” scent. What is this wonder, you’re asking. Burberry Brit Sheer. It’s like fresh laundry. It’s clean and crisp and makes me feel sexy. In the daytime.


MAC Twig Lipstick: this is the only lipstick I have been wearing (practically) the whole month of January. It’s a dark nude and makes me feel like I could be a Kardashian… if only I had an ass.


Bioderma: Bioderma is just the best. I think any girl who loves make up knows this by now. I have gone through countless bottles of this gem. It’s one of the only products that helps my skin and gets my make up off in seconds, even my MAC “Haute and Naughty” mascara which is a bitch to take off.


Korres Grapefruit Mask: I don’t know why I have never used a face mask by Korres, I love everything else by them. I tried the Grapefruit mask on a whim as I liked the smell of it and it had the word “brightening” in the description and that has been something my skin seriously lacks in the winter months. I have been using the mask once a week for the month of January and I can see some major improvements. My skin feels reaaaaally nice after. My pores look clean and minimal. And my skin does develop a glow after usage. If your skin is starting to look dull or flaky, like mine does, use this mask. It’s good for all skin types (especially us sensitive skinned girls!)


Non-beauty Related Favorites:

Black Mirror: It’s been awhile since a show has drawn me in and made me watch every episode I could get my hands on in one sitting, but thanks to Netflix I have watched Black Mirror with as much enthusiasm as I watched season one of Broadchurch two years ago. Black Mirror has sucked me in and I don’t ever want to go back. I feel as if for the past week I have been screaming it from the rooftops, “WATCH THIS SHOW PLEASE FOR ME WATCH IT!”

Charlie Brooker, the creator, has made something spectacular and as beautiful as the original series of The Twilight Zone, where he has been quoted to saying he was inspired by. It’s a gorgeously done black comedy/satire based on the idea of technology in our everyday lives.

When I started the first episode, I was confused and slightly disturbed by the events of the show. (Don’t worry, I won’t give out any spoilers!) At the start, I was disgusted like most people in the episode, but by the end (just like the people) my mind switched and I wanted the thing to happen. That’s how many of the episodes were for me. I was rooting for one person at the start and then my perspective changed by the end of the episode.

And that’s another wonderful thing, like The Twilight Zone, each episode brings new characters and new storylines. You don’t need 10 episodes to help you get wrapped up in characters, you only need five minutes. And doesn’t that signify how talented the writing is?

My favorite episode is season two, episode one: Be Right Back. It made me cry (sob, more like) and laugh and cringe and mad all in one. It was creepy and horrible and lovely.

So, I’m going to tell you right now to watch it. WATCH IT WATCH IT WATCH IT!


Anthony Bourdain – The Layover: if I was a man and great at cooking and said half the things that run through my mind, I would be Anthony Bourdain. The Layover is his new show on the Travel Channel and like all his shows, it’s brilliant. He only has so long in each city that he travels to and he shows viewers the “real” areas of the each touristy city that one must see. And as someone who loves to travel, it makes me add more places to my bucket list and makes my wanderlust stronger. Bah.


ASOS Truffle shoes: my old “school girl” style shoes had to be thrown away because of the giant hole formed at the toe of the shoe (RIP), but I have now replaced them with a much more modern style of my much loved former shoes. ASOS is the only place I buy my shoes now. They have an incredible range of shoes, free shipping, and free returns which is everything that I can ask from online shopping.


Me, Myself, and I: Okay, start cringing now. Yes, this past month I have been working on loving myself. Gasp. This is something that I have been trying and failing at for months/years, but I have been doing a much better job at it this past month. A couple weeks ago, I had a major nervous breakdown. I was questioning and hating everything I was doing in life. School, work, friends. Hating my skin, my face, my arms, everything. Questioning what I was spending my money on. Questioning if I even like writing, if I’m even good at it, if I should just quit it all now since I’ll never get anywhere with it. Blah blah. I realized a lot of it had to do with confidence in myself. I’m not a hugely confident person and that mixed with anxiety, odd social norms, and a tendency to lock myself indoors all the time can cause major self esteem issues and a quarter life crisis.

However, after my small meltdown, and taking a short time away from the internet and Instagram (with all those gorgeous girls making me hate myself more), I realized what I needed was confidence and finding something I liked about myself. Slowly, very slowly, this has been helping. Each day I focus on something to like: how my hair looks that day, the shoes I’m wearing, how awesome of a job I did on my homework, whatever it is, I focus on it throughout the day.

If you suffer from anxiety or low self-esteem, try to focus on something that you like or brings you happiness. It’s a good way to redirect your thoughts from negativity. I know I sound like a self help book, get over it.



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