The Disappointment of Job Hunting

I graduate in May and have been applying for jobs with such fervor that I find it impossible to have not gotten one call. Not one. When I started my degree as an English major, I got one of two questions: “Oh, you want to be a teacher?” or “Oh, so you’re going to be working at Starbucks the rest of your life, right?” Followed by a pause and a laugh on their end, and a glare from mine.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I first started studying English. I just knew that I loved reading and writing. I knew that I wanted to share my voice with others. I knew that if I could just continue building my voice and learning to structure my words and learn how to fix my tense issues (that I still have, dammit!), then I would be happy.

And now, I’m at the end of those four years and trying to find a company that will give me a call back. I’m trying so hard not to just send out emails to companies that say, “HEY! YOU! I’M GREAT! AND NICE! AND I TAKE SHOWERS! AND I KNOW HOW TO SMILE AND ACT LIKE I CARE ABOUT PEOPLE! PLEASE HIRE ME!” But, for some reason, I don’t think they would respond..

There are so many jobs out there for English majors, so if you’re one and keep getting the questions I have been getting, don’t worry your pretty little head. There are editorial positions, social media, copywriting, freelance writing, communications, etc, etc, and all of these jobs require having an English degree. They want us! The writers! Hip-hip-hooray!

At the moment, job hunting has not been the most exciting. I keep updating my resume. I keep tweaking my cover letter. I keep applying, applying, applying to jobs that I would consider “dream” jobs without having all the experience that they technically want. I keep applying out of state. Out of the country. And just recently, like this morning, I applied for a job in my hometown, much to the surprise and delight of my mother.

I’m hoping for a call. I’m hoping for some sign of life that someone out there wants this girl to be a part of their team. Hopefully that call will come soon, but to anyone feeling disappointment, like I’ve felt these past few weeks, about finding a job out of college, we just have to keep trying. Something good is coming to us.


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