All I Wanna Do is Karaoke

I’m a huge fan of karaoke. I think everyone should be a fan. I mean, what could go wrong when singing in front of a crowd of strangers the words of your favorite songs? My favorite type of karaoke bars, however, are the Thai versions that allow you a private room with your friends where you can drink and sing together. It’s usually better to have your friends “boo” you than people you don’t know. It hurts less.

I haven’t had enough to drink lately, or gone out at all for that matter, to go on stage to sing (horribly, I might add) to a random room. Yet, when I do, my go-to songs are the following:

The Proclaimers – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)

R Kelly – Ignition Remix

Both songs are total crowd pleasers, especially if you throw in some dance moves that I tend to bust out after my third Bloody Mary.

What are your go-to songs for karaoke or do you not karaoke? If you don’t, WHY NOT?!

Also, are there any good karaoke bars that I must try out? Let me know!


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