Notes from Abroad: Nice, France

I wrote many notes on my travels in my phone. Here is one such note I typed away into my phone on a plane back to London last October.

So many uncircumcised penises on the beach today. Cool, Nice.


I forgot to buy a postcard from Nice. It was great though. Antoine was a great host and I was feeling very lonely on my first day there. I walked around when I arrived, extremely tired, lugging my large bag with me since he couldn’t meet me until later. Nice looks fake. Everything about it looks like it has come straight from a movie set. It can’t possibly be real. I walked up to the panorama which quad completely exhausting! But the view is spectacular and everything you could dream of. I had ice cream two separate times and each time was fabulous. I forgot how great the ice cream is in France. I met Antoine in front of the Church Rossetti and he took me to his place where he had the most comfortable couch! He left after introductions to go to a friends party that I declined to go to since I was so tired. The next day we slept in a bit and went to the Matisse museum. It was a bit disappointing, but the building is incredibly beautiful and the grounds are ancient. There were the old baths that Nice is trying to restore next to the house which was incredible to see. We went back into town where Antoine went to take a nap and I visited the beach once again, walked along the pier, and took the lifts to the chateau. The views from the chateau were unreal. Everything about Nice was unreal. That night Antoine and I met his friends at their apartment and had a Syrian dinner. It was fantastic. There were three French men, two Germans, and one Syrian and me. They had so many interesting stories to tell and one of the Germans, Patrick, has family from where I am from. Such a small world. After dinner and lots of wine, we went to a directors party in the city where one of the French boys had directed a film. The party was held in a place called La Station which was originally a slaughterhouse for animals. It was an interesting space and quite a lame party at first. Until we started to drink more wine and beer, and didn’t care that no one was dancing and started dancing ourselves which caused others to join us on the floor. The French take white girl dancing to the extreme. There’s no stopping their movements. It’s hilarious and makes me seem like a halfway decent dancer, which I am not. We decided to leave around 2am and had to take the city bikes back to town. I haven’t ridden a bike in years and it was so amazing and fun to ride in the streets at night with these boys who I hardly knew, but felt like I knew for a long time. Today I woke up late and showered. I was hungover and didn’t want to move. Antoine woke up around 1pm and made us lunch while we watched Psycho by Hitchcock. He then left while I stayed indoors watching tv and generally being lazy on my last day in Nice.


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