Things I Learned in 2014

I learned a few things this past year. Crazy, I know. As I am currently stuck in bed with a nasty cold, I decided to think about the things that i have learned in 2014.

Love fades: Starting off light, ya know? Although I’ve never been in love, I guess what I learned is that feelings change and fade and morph and turn into different feelings that you weren’t quite expecting. You can be really close to someone in January and by the time school rolls around in August, that closeness has faded from seeing each other once a week into once a month, until you hardly see each other at all.

Friendship is very important: I’m horrible at keeping in touch with people. I’ve never been good at it and eventually, like most things, I let friendships fade out instead of putting in the effort (shh, don’t read into this). This year my best friend Emma flew from Cleveland to visit me. Instead of letting the months pass of not seeing and hanging out with each other cause a gap in our friendship, we made sure to Skype and talk on the phone and text everyday until we could actually see each other in person. Friendship is so so important and the days that I feel lonely or feel no one understands, it’s wonderful to have someone to reach out to to make you feel normal.

Instagram isn’t real life: This was one that was difficult for me to realize. People put their best selves online and even though I do it myself, I can’t help but think people have much better lives than me when I see their filtered photos online. Not everyone’s lives are a series of square photos, beaches, side streets in Europe, glasses of wine, and parties. People are living real lives out there, just not showing you the days they are laying in bed until two in the afternoon crying whilst watching Sex and the City and drinking boxed wine.

Life is short: I remember a conversation my grandpa had with me before he passed this year. It was a couple years ago and he was talking about how when he was younger him and his brothers made fun of this old man in their neighborhood. He said he never imagined getting to a point when he would be as old as that man and now he was suddenly at the same age. Of all the moments that I’ve had with him, that was one conversation that stuck out the most to me because life is way too short. If this past year has taught me anything, it’s that. Can you believe how quickly this year went?!

Cats are and always will be the best: To all you dog people out there, I don’t get it. Maybe it’s because I was attacked by a dog when I was young, but big dogs scare the shit out of me. The thing that makes cats the best is their independence which dogs don’t seem to have. Dogs are so needy. Cats leave you alone, and that’s all I need. A small creature that doesn’t want my undying love but lets me love on her until she eventually gets pissed and runs away from me and in the corner of the house where no one can get her. That’s love.

Buying clothes won’t make you happy: Ugh, a lesson I’m still trying to learn. I’m pretty sure I’m a “shop-aholic.” Whenever I feel sad, I decide to buy happiness in the form of make-up or shoes or a new dress. Yet, the problems are still there after purchasing my new items, why is that? At least I look good while suffering.

Don’t be embarrassed being the one that doesn’t drink: I’m not great at drinking. I love wine and martinis, but I never drink to get drunk and that’s apparently the rule of your early twenties (?) So unless I know someone really well, I won’t drink. I’m not comfortable and before this year, I was always slightly embarrassed by this fact. People judge you for not drinking, and I refuse to feel ashamed for not downing that beer quick enough to your liking, society. (But, please don’t judge me.)

A good cry is much needed: Sometimes things look better after a good cry. It’s not good to bottle up all those feelings, you need to release the tears. Let them go. Find a really sad movie (for me Like, Crazy or P.S. I Love You) and just let the emotions fly. You’ll feel so much better afterwards. Trust me.

Spare make-up in your bag is essential: After spending close to eight hours straight at school, I learned that spare eyeliner, concealer, and lipstick are needed in my bag. I just feel so much more refreshed and as if I have my life in order when my eyeliner is dark and straight and my under eye bags are hidden from the world. No one needs to see that..

Take your lactose pills: Oh, the joys of getting older and developing a newfound love of cheese and being lactose intolerant.

Don’t hold in a fart: Self explanatory. Don’t hurt your stomach to protect the ones around you. Make them suffer.


3 thoughts on “Things I Learned in 2014

  1. I agree with so much of this!!! Except the dog part. I don’t want my pet to be pissed at me. I love my little snugglepit. I’ve definitely learned the part about being the one not drinking. Instead I’ll order a club soda with a lemon and a lime – it looks like a cocktail so no one bothers you, and sort of tastes like one too.
    I’m still working on the “buying things/clothes won’t make you happy” and the Instagram thing. My life is definitely not all happy roses, and I share a lot of that on Twitter.

    Here’s hoping we’ve learned our lessons well, hah!!

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