Woot woot. Day 2 of December and only 10 more days left of school. I’m already freaking out. That’s what the holidays are all about, right? Mental breakdowns? Let’s just move past that and answer the second question for the Internet Advent Calendar.

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Okay, this is really difficult for me to answer because I like so many. My personal favorites that I like to watch on my own or talk friends into watching with me are Love Actually and Bridget Jone’s Diary. I know most people will say Bridget Jone’s isn’t a Christmas movie, but to me it is and nothing you can say will change my mind (I’m looking at you, Norman). My favorite Christmas movies to watch with my mom or family members are Miracle on 34th Street (the newer one that came out in 1994, not the black and white film), The Holiday, The Family Stone, and Santa Claus. We really, really like Christmas films in my house. Below I have put my favorite scenes of each movie. What are some of your favorites? Leave them in the comments below!

Love Actually

Bridget Jones


Miracle on the 34th Street

The Holiday

The Family Stone: They didn’t have the scene online, but here’s the trailer! 

Santa Claus


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