Music: Robert Schwartzman

I wasn’t in the best mood yesterday, and I completely forgot to post Music Wednesday. I can tell that all of you are so devastated by that.

I have loved Robert Schwartzman since his days as Michael from The Princess Diaries. Remember how cute he was? Ugh, my 9 year old self was highly attracted to him and his band Rooney. Now, he is doing some solo things and did the soundtrack to the movie Palo Alto. His cousin, Gia Coppola, directed the film and I have yet to see it even though I love the Coppola family. And their wine. However, I just can’t get past James Franco. I don’t know why, but something about him has always just given me the creeps. Am I the only one here? Probably.

Anyways, the song “It’s You” is one of the only tracks in the soundtrack with actual words, so it’s below. I think it’s beautiful much like Robert himself. If you’re in a down-trodden mood like myself, then listen to the soundtrack. It might make it worse, or better, but at least you’re feeling something. Right? Right? Ugh.


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