I am a sucker for gimmicks. My friends and family always seem to roll their eyes at me as I order another product that I’ve heard about online or run into Sephora with a list of things I “need” to buy because a blogger has raved about it. Frank Body scrub was another one of these gimmicks that I threw my money at. A scrub that will wipe away my cellulite? My acne scars? My rosacea? My eczema? Count me in!

What is it: Frank Body is a coffee scrub hailing from Australia. The scrub has coffee grounds, brown sugar, sea salt, and almond oil all working together to target those areas on your body that you might not particularly like.

The smell: If you’re a fan of coffee, this scrub is the one for you. As I can’t seem to make it through the day without the drink, I love the smell. However, if coffee isn’t your forte, they do have other coffee scrubs outside of the original that doesn’t have the strong coffee smell. Coconut & grapeseed and cacao.

Does it actually work: I have been using the product for a month consistently and I can say that I’ve seen an improvement in my skin. My skin is softer, less flakey, and the redness on the backs of my arms has greatly reduced. I’ve never been that nice to my skin until the past few years and I think this product has helped with making my skin the best it can hope to be.

The dirty: The only negative thing about this product is how messy it is. I recommend taking a bath and using Frank, not a shower. If you take a shower, it’s so difficult to clean up all the grains that fall off your skin. It hangs on the doors, the walls, the crevices of your shower. When you’re actually sitting down in a bathtub, it makes for easier clean-up.

Worth the price: For me, I think $15 is a normal price for a nice body scrub. I pay that for Soap & Glory once a month when I go to Sephora. However, you can brew a batch of coffee and use the grounds (once they cool) on your face. Add a few oils (vanilla, witch hazel that you can find at your local grocery store) and put that scrub on your body if you find the price out of your range.


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One thought on “Frank Body: the Good, the Bad, & the Dirty

  1. I know I’m blowing up your comment boards so I’ll try to keep this my last. It happened this week and I still haven’t fully processed it. This weekend, my wife used a facial mask made from… wait for it…. snails. The snail-besotted face goes under some kind of Friday the 13th translucent hockey mask, the little mollusk shards ferment or something, and out comes, yup, some pretty damn milky-smooth skin, which lasted for days. Freaking nature. Oh, and it cost a buck at a Chinese store.


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