When I do my make-up in the morning, I always hope for it to last, pretty much, all day. I know this is something that only happens in Utopia, but I found two products that have helped my make-up stay on a bit longer.

Setting spray isn’t a new concept in the world of make-up, but I only ever really heard about it when people speak about wedding make-up and proms. Big events. However, as I can be at work for up to 10 hours a day or have school for long periods, I don’t want my make-up to be gone by the time I come home.IMG_3389

Urban Decay Setting spray is one of the first products I have tried for long lasting make-up. It’s an easy product to use (just spray in a “X” shape across your face) and the make-up lasts a few hours longer. For me, I sprayed my face after I put the final touches of mascara on my eyelashes. I usually can get up to 5 hours wear of my normal make-up before the fading starts to happen. When I used the finishing spray, I got up to 7 hours wear before my eyeliner started to wear off. I think this is a wonderful product and once I finish the bottle I have, I will definitely be repurchasing.IMG_3388

The other product that I am actually obsessed with (just ask my mom!) is Avene Thermal Spring Water. This baby is like holy water in a beautiful spray bottle. Like the UD setting spray, you spray this on your face after you finish your make-up in the morning. I get up to 8 hours wear, and it feels so nice on the face. I’m not sure what is in the product, but I know that if it was more easily available to purchase in my area, I would have a stock full so I’d never run out.

If there are any products you think that I need to know about that you think are better than these (and that’s difficult to do), please let me know!


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