Work Appropriate Outfits: Business

I can admit that I’ve worn too “fashion forward” outfits to work. I like strange tights, high shoes, bright lipstick, and weird updos. Working at a bank, however, they put out some no-nos on things that I have in my wardrobe: rompers, open toe shoes, patterned tights that look like a garter. Normal things people have in their closet. I won’t say they mute down my style, but there are definitely days that I wish I could forgo my blazer and just rock out with my shirt tails hanging low.

I have compiled a list of photos and links of items that I consider a mix of both fashion friendly and work appropriate. Let me know some of your favorite looks!

ASOS always has killer suits and co-ordinates that make for both work appropriate and high-end fashion pieces. Some of my favorite suit pieces, at the moment, are from ASOS.

Number one on my wish list is this floral suit from ASOS. The blazer is structured beautifully, not hugging the body in a severe cut, but is loose and looks comfortable. Not all blazers need to be the one-button style with shoulder pads, some can be more casual, but still look very professional. I think what really makes this suit is the watercolor pattern on both the pant and jacket. If the blazer was worn with a standard black pant, I think it would look more dressed down and not entirely “business” appropriate. However, with the pairing of the same-print pant, it pulls the whole look together making it extremely appropriate for the work place.


Below are links to other ASOS items that I would love to add to my work wardrobe.

One, Two, Three, Four, Five

I’m pretty sure I drool every time I see #4.


One thought on “Work Appropriate Outfits: Business

  1. ASOS is great. Really good quality and totally fair (and often cheap!) prices compared to clothes of comparable style and quality. Great customer service. You wouldn’t know you’re getting something from England unless you already know. I like their style, too. I’m not sure if I can use the word “feminine” anymore; I think it’s still culturally undecided. But on themodernfemme it seems okay. So they’re stuff is often brightly feminine, floral, sometimes with lacy collars, front-panel brocade, but in the final analysis, simply very pretty. So right on.


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