I have never understood the hype when it came to eyebrow threading. Cool, the girl is taking thread and removing the hairs? I can do that with tweezers. My mom has always been an advocate about it, saying I just needed to try it because it really reshaped her eyebrows. However, I couldn’t see the point in spending $20 on something that I felt didn’t justify its own cost.

Yesterday, I changed my mind. And pretty quickly at that. At a BBQ, of all places, my friend’s sister had some thread with her. She was fixing some of the girls’ brows at the party when she asked if I wanted to try. Shrugging, I thought what could be the harm? And free? Why wouldn’t I?

Let me tell you, I’ve been missing out. She threaded underneath my brow to give me a better defined arch and above my brow just to clean the line up. I probably won’t be going to the place in the mall every week, maybe once a month to just clean up the brows, but threading is really worth it.


My forehead looks massive in that photo, but the results of my eyebrows look pretty great. Not so humble brag.


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