As yesterday was the seven year anniversary of the final Harry Potter book being released, it seemed only right to finish the new series JK Rowling has written. If you haven’t heard, and how have you not, Rowling has written a new series of crime novels under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

I got my grubby hands on the first book of the series a couple weeks ago and didn’t come up for air while reading. It is a more mature Rowling in these novels. Her writing style flourishes and, although parts are lengthy, she brings an intriguing story to the surface of Private Detective Cormoran Strike.

The first book “Cuckoo’s Calling” follows Strike, who is a wounded soldier from Afghanistan, turned PI. He has a failing business, a failing relationship, and now a temp at his doorstep expecting a job. His luck seems to change, however, when the brother of model Lula Laundry (who the police claimed committed suicide a month before) says that his sister was actually murdered and wants Strike to find her killer. There are so many twists and turns in the novel, and I for one did not see that ending coming.

Cuckoos Nest

The second book in the series, “The Silkworm,” I finished last night. Work has prevented me from locking myself in my room with this book, so it took me a bit longer to read. Strike is back again with a booming business and a case surrounding a missing writer. I feel that’s all I can share about that book because if I write anymore about it, I’m sure to give the whole plot away. Like the first book, it is full of intrigue, humor, and intelligent writing.


This series is definitely on my “must reads” for summer.

In an interview in Yorkshire, Rowling said that she is halfway through the third novel and is starting the outline of the fourth. I am so thrilled that she has decided to write this new series, and I cannot wait for the new ones to be published.

If you’d like to see more of my “must reads,” or other books that I just like, follow me over on GoodReads.


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