If you’re not a fan of meat or barbecue, don’t read any further, or perhaps do because this might change your mind. Sugarfire Smokehouse has opened a new location in St. Charles, and I finally had the opportunity to eat the food that so many people have been raving about.

Now, I am a Pappy’s girl through and through, but I must admit I began questioning myself when I first bit in to my pulled pork sandwich. Pappy’s definitely has some competition, and it’s about time too!

The meat was tender and delicious, along with the “St. Louis Sweet” sauce I drowned the pork in. It is one that I highly recommend.

As for your sides, I would go for the house fries (everyone’s favorite!), or the green beans. Yes, mom, I’m finally eating my greens. And while these things are filling your tummy and expanding your waist belt, wash it all down with one of their signature shakes (chocolate peanut butter bourbon, anyone?).

Sugarfire’s St. Charles location is rustic and charming. With a community style seating arrangement inside, outdoor seating, and a car side ordering, it’s the perfect place to drop in on these upcoming summer nights.


Photo courtesy of Sugarfire’s website because I ate mine too quickly to capture an image. Oops.


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